Daniel Schönherr
Portrait & Sport Photographer

At my home-base in Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria, as a Portait & Sport Photographer I specialize in capturing the raw emotion and intensity of sports and the beauty and personality of portraiture.

Sport Photographer - Daniel Schönherr
My Work

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a team, or just looking for stunning personal photos, my unique perspective and creative approach will elevate your brand and showcase your talents.

Unleash the true power of your passion with Innsbruck’s elite sport and portrait photographer

Sport Photographer

I became a sports photographer to capture the beauty and passion of talented individuals as they chase their dreams. Every click of the shutter is an opportunity to immortalize their hard work and dedication.

Portrait Photographer

I love portrait photography so in can capture the unique beauty in every person, to show them their worth through my lens and empower them to see themselves as they truly are: amazing.

Get Captivating Portraits and Sports Action Shots with Daniel Schönherr

Looking for an experienced photographer to capture stunning portraits and action-packed sports shots in Innsbruck? I will get you the best results.


I am always eager and ready to travel to the most picturesque locations to capture the best possible perspective. Whether it’s the top of a mountain on a powder day, the peaceful flow of a river, or the endless expanse of the sea and ocean, I am willing to go the distance for the perfect shot. Let’s create something truly breathtaking together.

Tirol, Austria

  • Innsbruck
  • Schwaz
  • Zillertal
  • Kitzbühel
  • Stubai
  • Kühtai
  • Sölden

Südtirol, Italy

  • Dolomiti
  • Livigno
  • Val Gardena
  • Alta Badia

Bayern, Germany

  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • Zugspitze
  • Kempten